BurtonVale Farm

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Welcome to BurtonVale Farm

 Our small farm is nestled in an apple orchard in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Rick,Nancy,Caleb and Ethan.

Along with our "in house" family, our "in barn" family consist of Tennessee Fainting Goats, Mandarin ducks, East Indie ducks, Euskal Oiloa (Marraduna Basque) chickens and Californian rabbits.

  We presently have a small herd of Tennessee fainting goats. We are trying to help preserve and maintain this extraordinary breed. All of our goats are registered with the  Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).

Our site is a work in progress.  We are currently working on 2013 updates. 

Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.


Rick & Nancy